IWM Reviews

bullet Enemies of Happiness by Fatima Dupres- Griffiths read more
Denmark , English, Farsi, Pasthu, English subtitles
bullet Rosita Review:  US/ Nicaragua/ Costa Rica 2005
by Fatima Dupres- Griffiths read more

Lumo Film Review: Democratic Republic of Congo/US 2006
by Fatima Dupres Read More


When the Levees Broke: A Requiem in Four Acts, Spike Lee, US, 240 mins
Read More

bullet Spike Lee Hope is Not a Plan Viva New Orleans
The Mia Morris Perspective Read More
bullet Suffering and Smiling: London Premiere (English and Yoruba, Eng subtitles, 65mins) by Fatima Dupres-Griffiths Read More


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