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Equal Opportunities Commission:
"... is the leading agency working to eliminate sex discrimination in 21st Century Britain." Includes: Your rights at work; Equal pay; Sexual harassment; Sex and race discrimination; Your rights as a consumer; Benefits for the over 60s; Advice for young people; How to put equality into practice; Equal pay; Equality checklists for Line Managers and Supervisors; Campaigns; Ethnic minority women at work; Pensions and benefits; Violence against women; Useful links; Research and Statistics; Reading lists; Publications, and much much more.
Women and Equality Unit: Department of Trade & Industry Website promoting the Government's "vision of equality and opportunity for all." Includes sections on Commission for Equality and Human Rights; Women's Work and Pay; Women and Work Commission; Lesbian and Gay Issues; Diversity in the Boardroom; Integrating Equality; Europe and International; Legislation; Women in Public Life; Women at Work; Domestic Violence; and Research and publications.
The Fawcett Society: "Fawcett is the UK’s leading campaign for equality between women and men. We trace our roots back to 1866, when Millicent Garrett Fawcett began her lifetime’s work leading the peaceful campaign for women’s votes. Fawcett's vision is of a society in which women and men are equal partners at home, at work and in public life. We work for changes in policies, structures, cultures and processes that will lead to real improvements in women's lives." Sections on Women's economic welfare; Women and politics; Justice and rights; Equality for all; and Equality at home.
National Council of Women of Great Britain:
"For more than a hundred years the NCW has provided a forum for debate and an opportunity for women to voice their concerns, make recommendations to Government and other decision making agencies; is a valuable source of information for members and is a strong support network for women in the UK." The NCW site is difficult to navigate but, with perseverence, is full of information on issues that concern women. As they say in their welcome, "Women have an opinion on almost everything".

National Federation of Women’s Institutes
: "NFWI is the largest national organisation for women in the UK with 215,000 members in England, Wales and the Islands. The WI exists to educate women to enable them to provide an effective role in the community, to expand their horizons and to develop and pass on important skills." Since its formation in 1915, the NFWI has campaigned on issues that matter to women and their communities. Their current campaigns are: Care of the environment; Adult education; Children's diets, exercise and health; Chemicals and health; 90@90 (Project to encourage and promote more sustainable lifestyles to WI members and their wider communities); and Healthy Eating Plan. They also campaign on wider policy issues including: human trafficking and violence against women; the supermarket code of conduct; and trade justice. Includes links to NFWI federations throughout England, Wales & the Channel Islands.
Sylvia Pankhurst Memorial Committee
: "The Sylvia Pankhurst Memorial Committee invites support from organisations and individuals for its aim of ensuring greater recognition for one of the most significant women of the twentieth century."
Worldwide Charity: "Womankind Worldwide is a UK charity dedicated to working internationally to raise the status of women. Womankind works with more than 60 partner organisations in 20 countries, across Africa, South Asia, Central and South America, and Europe. Womankind Worldwide helps women in developing countries – silenced or isolated by harmful traditions, conflict, violence and intimidation or the sheer exhaustion of surviving in poverty – to have a say in what goes on in their family, community and country. We support courageous individuals challenging harmful traditions and practices, including violence against women. We help women come together and get organised around something they want to change. And we help women use their rights, secure new ones, and stand for elections"
Women's Royal Voluntary Service: "WRVS provides a range of services to help people in need who might otherwise feel lonely and isolated. We work with other charities and organisations, local authorities and the NHS, meeting needs in communities throughout England, Scotland and Wales. WRVS' mission is to help people maintain independence and dignity in their homes and communities, particularly in later life. All the services we provide - from home meals delivery to Good Neighbours schemes, from emergency support to help in hospitals - are aimed at keeping people in touch with others, and building stronger local communities." Site includes campaigns, volunteering opportunities, and case studies etc.

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Women in the Arts & Sport
Black Women in the Arts
: "This site provides a list of services targetted at Black women living in the UK Services that are listed also includes those offered by Black women for Black women."
Black Women in the Arts "...was established in November 1995 by female artistes with the aim of supporting and promoting the artistic endeavours of female artistes from the African, and African-Caribbean communities. Black Women in the Arts recognises that these groups locally and nationally can be isolated and under-represented within the creative industries." Services include Training; Studio hire; Auditions; Exhibitions; Events; Rehearsals; and Consulting.

Caribbean Womens Writers Alliance - email:
African Writers Abroad (AWA)
: "African Writers Abroad is a membership organisation for writers of African descent who live outside the continent. AWA exists for two purposes: to support African writers on the continent and within the Diaspora on creative, and economic fronts. It also aims to increase the awareness of African and African diasporic literatures in order to educate and encourage adults and children to appreciate and understand literary and oral works produced by such writers. The aims of AWA are undertaken through the principle activities of arts in education and working with women writers of African descent."
Central America women’s network (CAWN)
: "Central America Women's Network (CAWN) is a UK-based network of women united by a commitment to women's human and labour rights worldwide and a desire to support, publicise and learn from the struggles of women in Central America in the defence of their rights."
Cinenova: "is a non-profit organisation dedicated to distributing films and videos made by women." Not fully functioning group.
Live Listings Mag: A multicultural time out
The Powerwalking Group: "is basically a group of women who use powerwalking as an aid to achieve fitness."
Clean Break: "uses theatre for personal and political change, working with women whose lives have been affected by the criminal justice system".
Women in Film and Television
: "Women in Film and Television UK (WFTV) is a membership association open
to women with at least one year's professional experience in the television,film and/or digital media industries.
Screenonline: "Women and Film: Women on both sides of the camera: To look separately at the role of women in the fields of film, video and television in Britain is to recognise that the experiences of women in these areas are somehow different to those of men. The work by women in moving image production both reflects and informs the position of women within British society since the 1920s."
Women in Journalism
: "Women in Journalism is a networking, campaigning, training and social organisation for women journalists who work across all the written media, from newspapers and magazines to the new media."
Women in Music: "is a national membership organisation that celebrates women's music making across all genres of music. We raise awareness of gender issues in music and support women musicians in their professional development."
Women’s Sports Foundation
: "The Women's Sports Foundation is the UK's leading organisation dedicated to improving and promoting opportunities for women and girls in sport and physical activity."
Women in Publishing
: "Women in Publishing works to promote the status of women working in publishing and related trades by helping them to develop their careers."
MAKE: "is an innovative and dynamic contemporary visual arts organisation. Its aim is to enhance public knowledge of the practice, impact, and achievment of women in visual culture. MAKE Resource is a publicly accessible research collection housing over 200 000 slides and transparencies, 5 000 books, catalogues and artists books, 100 audio tapes,100 video tapes, and press-cuttings on over 8 000 women artists. Collected from artist-members, publishers, and other supporters for over twenty years, MAKE Resource is one of the world's most comprehensive information centres on contemporary and historical women artists." Plus Research, Publishing, Consultancy.
WIMFEST Liverpool: "WIMFEST is Liverpool’s own Women’s International Music Festival. It is also the premier women’s music event in the UK. We set up in 2003 with the express aim of showcasing the diversity of what women contribute in the field of music. We were just fed up with the very narrow view of women musicians that you get in the media. In the two years that WIMFEST music festival has taken place, we have offered instrumental and voice workshops. We have showcased Classical Music, Jazz, R&B, Rock, Garage, Punk, Blues and Folk. We have had singer song writers, belly dancers, steel drummers, Sheboom! choral groups, church music, acapella groups, older women, teenagers, children signing as they sing, and women’s choral groups."
Sheboom: "Reputedly Europe's largest women's drumming ensemble, SheBoom is an unforgettably dynamic percussion band playing a uniquely infectious mix of Afro-Brazilian, Samba, African, Latin, Celtic and European rhythms."
Sisters in Cinema: " a resource guide for and about African American women feature filmmakers. Sisters in Cinema is also a 62-minute documentary which offers an overview of the lives and the films of African American women feature film directors from the early part of the century to today."

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Women and Work

Women in TechnologyWhether you're looking to browse the latest IT jobs, read the latest news for women working in IT or are simply looking for advice on your next career steps, Women in Technology is the place for you. Try using our quick job search to find and apply for IT jobs online or sign up for our networking events and find all manner of IT career information and advice by joining our information community. visit site

Assoc for Women in Science and Engineering
: "AWiSE is a multi-disciplinary membership organisation composed of individuals, businesses, associations, institutions and other organisations, all of whom share the common goal of advancing the interests of women in science, engineering and technology (SET). AWISE is a national organisation located in the United Kingdom with branches in the regions. We include sciences and technologies from mathematics and engineering to biomedicine, anthropology, environmental and social science, including education, research, industry, administration, and the media. Our objectives are to: promote SET (science, engineering and technology) for girls and women; form a collective voice for women in SET; provide a network for mutual support; act as a centre of information and resource; act as a forum for discussion and debate. We network: nationally with likeminded organisations, as with the Women's Engineering Society in our mentoring operation, MentorSET; internationally, with US AWIS, WISENET in Australia, NZ AWIS. SAWISE in South Africa, Femmes et Sciences in France, CES in Germany; with the Women in Science section of the European Commission." Site includes news, events, forums, branches, faq, jobs & contact.

British Association of Women Entrepeneurs
(BAWE): "BAWE is a non-profit professional organisation for UK based women business owners affiliated to the world association of women business owners Les Femmes Chefs d'Entreprises Mondiales (FCEM). BAWE promotes British entrepreneurship world wide and includes representation at the Council of Europe (Strasbourg); the United Nations (New York); the OECD (Paris); ILO (Vienna) and the EU (Brussels) whenever 'Women in the Economy' is on the agenda. BAWE is a member of The Confederation of British Industry, works closely with the Department of Trade and Industry, the Institute of Directors, the Chambers of Commerce and other organisations to promote the interests of women business owners. BAWE encourages the personal development of member entrepreneurs and provides opportunities for them to expand their business through: Informal and Formal Networking; The BAWE Website for Marketing and Advertising; National and International Trade Missions and Conferences; Mentoring, Training and Accessing Capital."

City Women's Network: "We are an organisation for professional women who work at senior manager or director level, or who run their own company. We aim to: Promote the formation of business, professional and social relationships; Build director-level skills and competencies; Highlight the contribution of women in the business community; Support greater progression of women into non-Executive and Public appointments."

European Professional Women's Network: "We are a pan-European network of women's organisations whose objective is to promote the professional progress of women and their presence in corporate leadership. For women: we provide a cross-sectoral networking and training platform for professional women with an international outlook.
For companies: we provide a network for their high-potential managers and a unique source of best practice across Europe. Our mission: Promote the professional progress of women through all their career phases; Promote sustainable and innovative professional career paths; Encourage companies to recognise the necessity of diverse management approaches; Raise the visibility of European women in business. Our activities: On-line: The European network provides an on-line networking platform linking several thousand business women across Europe. Members can search the member directory, post messages, participate in a mentoring forum, consult network event postings across Europe, reserve on-line.and much more; The European web-site is also home to our "Think Tank", a unique information resource including corporate best practice, political policy by country, career advice for women and proprietary research and commentary; a monthly European Think Tank Newsletter. Off-line: National networks provide many opportunities for off-line networking, training and personal development for women in their cities and countries. Events include speaker lunches, training workshops, specialist clubs.and more."

The International Alliance for Women (TIAW): "...serves as the global umbrella organization that unites, supports and promotes professional women and their networks to work together, share resources and leverage ideas. The purpose of TIAW is to encourage, develop, fund and implement programs that foster economic empowerment and advancement for women around the world. TIAW is devoted to improving the economic status of all women around the world: from senior level executive and professional women, to career women just beginning their careers, to women in transition and young girls planning for their careers, to the most needy of all: impoverished women in developing nations." HQ in Canada & USA.

European Federation of Black Women Business Owners
: "The Federation’s aim is to increase the economic visibility of Black Women in Europe and their access to information and resources."

Mothers in Business - email:
Trade Union Congress Womens Committee
Women and Manual Trades
Women in Architecture: Royal Institute of British Architects
Women in Banking and Finance
Working families support group
: "Working Families helps children, working parents and carers and their employers find a better balance between responsibilities at home and work. By operating in the real world of pragmatic advice and practical solutions, we are making our vision a reality."
Women Returners' Network: Helping women to get back into paid work after a break. Aimed at both individuals and employing businesses, the site includes all sorts of resources and a forum.
Everywoman: "Online network dedicated to women in business providing advice from professional experts as well as an extensive library of business information."
Forward Ladies: "is a not for profit ladies business networking organisation in the Yorkshire Area."

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Women's Health
Abortion Rights
is a campaigning organisation formed by the merger of the National Abortion Campaign (NAC) and the Abortion Law Reform Association (ALRA). Both these organisations have a long history in campaigning for law reform and the provision of easily accessible, woman friendly, NHS funded abortion services
Menopause Support Group
: "The Menopause Amarant Trust is a charity that aims to help women deal with problems they might experience while going through the menopause."

Black Women Mental Health Project - email:
Breakthrough Breast Cancer
Breast Cancer Care
Endometriosis Society: "To promote services for the relief of women with endometriosis and their partners and families who are in need of support"
International Community of Women Living with HIV/Aids
Women and health support advice referral service
: "Women & Health provides low-cost alternative therapies, counselling and health classes for all women in the community in Camden, North London from our environmentally-friendly, disabled accessible health centre. We also provide services in the homes of women who are house-bound and all over the borough through our outreach projects."
Foundation for Women's Health, Research and Development (FORWARD): "is an international non-governmental organisation dedicated to improving the health and well-being of African women and girls wherever they reside. FORWARD promotes action to stop harmful traditional practices such as female genital mutilation (FGM) and early and forced marriages, which violate the human rights of women and girls and adversely affect their health and well-being."
Drugscope: "DrugScope is the UK's leading independent centre of expertise on drugs. Our aim is to inform policy development and reduce drug-related risk. We provide quality drug information, promote effective responses to drug taking, undertake research at local, national and international levels, advise on policy-making, encourage informed debate and speak for our member organisations working on the ground." (Added 15/3/2006)
"Marcia is a registered Osteopath, Naturopath, Herbalist & Iridologist. She is registered with The General Osteopathic Council. She has been running her practice in Lavender Hill, London for thirteen years."

The Scottish Further Education Unit, funded by the Scottish Executive's National Programme for Improving Mental Health and Wellbeing, has developed a website called Supporting Student Mental Health & Wellbeing at: , which provides information and resources for college and university staff, including how to promote positive mental wellbeing amongst the student population.

Students with mental health difficulties are not a new phenomenon. Exam stress, transition from school to college or university and changes in lifestyle habits, such as, diet and alcohol consumption can all have a negative effect on mental wellbeing

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The Royal Geographical Society
The 10,000 photographs and 2,000 maps illustrating Africa in the Society’s collections reveal the untold role that Africans played in expeditions.

National Union of Students' Women's Campaign
The NUS Women’s Campaign as we know it today has been fighting for women’s rights for nearly twenty years.
Anti-Bullying Events for Young people
: "Anti-Bullying events for young people by young people. Strategies to tackle the bully, bullies and bullying. Anti-Bullying Strategies, Solutions and Events."

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Boadicea Disabled Womens Newsletter
The Disability Rights Commission (DRC): "is an independent body established in April 2000 by Act of Parliament to stop discrimination and promote equality of opportunity for disabled people." Site includes rights, the law and various services.

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Pregnancy, Childbirth, and Midwifery
Association of Radical Midwives
: "Primarily a support group for people having difficulty in getting or giving good, sympathetic, personalised midwifery care."
Association for Improvement in the Maternity Services
Family planning information and support
: "Provider of free and confidential sexual health advice and services specifically for young people under 25."
Family Planning Association
: "Working to improve the sexual health and reproductive rights of all people throughout the UK."
Maternity support information and advice
: "National charity working to improve rights and services for pregnant women, new parents and their families."
National Childbirth Trust
: "The National Childbirth Trust offers information and support in pregnancy, childbirth and early parenthood."

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Childcare Plus
: "Childcare Plus is a specialist daycare development consultancy. Based in east London we work with clients from public, private and voluntary sectors to develop bespoke solutions for the creation and expansion of childcare facilities."
Policy information on children’s care issues
: "Daycare Trust is the national childcare charity, campaigning for quality, affordable childcare for all and raising the voices of children, parents and carers. We advise parents and carers, providers, employers, trade unions and policymakers on childcare issues."
Meet a Mum Association
: "The Meet A Mum Association was created to try and help thousands of mothers who feel depressed and isolated when their babies are born."
National Council for One Parent Families:
"...provide a platform for lone parents, to enable them to have a voice...offer information and advice lone parents can trust, through the telephone, our publications, through our website and special events...act as a centre of expertise, and work with others to improve services, raise awareness and change attitudes."
Single Parent Action Network
: "Single Parent Action Network is a multi-racial organisation of single parents working to improve the lives of one parent families in the UK and Europe."

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Carers information and advice

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Minority Ethnic & Refugee Women
African mama wa Africa - email:

Arachne Greek Cypriot Women’s Group - email:

Asian Women of Achievement Awards - email:

Asian Womens counselling Service - email:
Black Londoners Forum
Caribbean Woman UK Focus in the Community
: "to inspire and encourage people of Caribbean heritage in their personal development and growth."
East London Black Women’s Organisation
- email:

Jewish Women’s Aid - email:

Kalayaan Centre Support to women new to this country - email:

London Irish Womens Centre - email:
Dynamic Women’s Asian Network
: "DAWN is the hub where dynamic professional & entrepreneurial Asian women connect, engage and explore ideas and opportunities to expand their horizons."
Muslims Women’s Helpline
: "Need someone to talk to? Phone us on 020 8904 8193 or 020 8908 6715. The Muslim Women’s Helpline aims to provide any Muslim girl or woman in a crisis with a free, confidential listening service and referral to Islamic consultants, plus practical help and information where required."
National Black Womens Network
: "The NBWN is a non-profit organisation dedicated to raising the status and position of black women in all walks of life."
Opportunity International
: "Opportunity offers poor entrepreneurs in developing countries the tools they need to break out of poverty and support themselves. We provide training, support, and "micro" business loans. 98% of loans are repaid, thereby enabling the same funds to be used again and again."
Refugee Women’s Association
Lottie Betts-Priddy Education Trust
: "to support and contribute to the education of the children of Sierra Leone, in particular the girl child"

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International Links
Australian Human Rights & Equal Opportunities Commission
: Sex Discrimination section.
Committee On The Elimination Of Discrimination Against Women
: Links to documents on the issue.
Convention on the Elimination of All Forms of Discrimination against Women
: "adopted in 1979 by the UN General Assembly, is often described as an international bill of rights for women. Consisting of a preamble and 30 articles, it defines what constitutes discrimination against women and sets up an agenda for national action to end such discrimination." Site includes Text of the Convention, History, Country Reports, and Other UN Conventions on Women.
Council of Europe - Equality between Women and Men: "the Council of Europe seeks to combat any interference with women's liberty and dignity (for example violence against women, trafficking in human beings for purpose of sexual exploitation), to eliminate discrimination based on sex and to promote a balanced representation of women and men in political and public life." Site includes Gender mainstreaming; Balanced participation of women and men in political and public decision making; Violence against women; Trafficking in human beings; Conflict prevention and peacebuilding; Conferences and Seminars; and links to Council of Europe member States' national websites devoted to Equality between women and men, and to national action plans to protect women against violence.
The European Women’s Lobby (EWL)
: "is the largest umbrella organisations of women’s associations in the European Union (EU). The European Women’s Lobby aims at promoting women’s rights and equality between women and men in the European Union. EWL is active in different areas such as women’s economic and social position, women in decision-making, violence against women, women’s diversity etc. EWL works mainly with the institutions of the European Union: the European Parliament, the European Commission and the EU Council of Ministers."
The National Women's Council of Ireland
: The national representative organisation for women and women's groups in Ireland. "Our vision is the creation of a society where women can participate equally in all aspects of social and economic life." Includes links to Affiliated Organisations.
The U.S. Equal Employment Opportunity Commission
: Official information on Sex-Based Discrimination in the USA.
American Civil Liberties Union Women's Rights Project: Focusing on three core priority areas: Economic Justice - WRP advocates on behalf of low-wage immigrant women workers, works to eliminate welfare disparities, and to end workplace discrimination; Violence Against Women - Committed to advancing battered women's civil rights, assisting women in their efforts to keep themselves and their children safe, and challenging the housing and employment discrimination experienced by so many battered women, especially low-income and immigrant women; Criminal Justice - addressing the harms to women and girls caught up in the criminal and juvenile justice systems.

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Older Women
Association of Greater London Older Women - email:
Age Concern: "Age Concern is the UK's largest organisation working with and for older people." Information rich site, including finding your local branch, information line, factsheets, & help with heating, dental care & holidays; Campaigns against ageism & winter deaths, on benefits & pensions, on rights & transport etc; A shop including personal alarms, books, flowers & cards, funeral plans & will writing, & energy etc; Plus a chance to donate. For women specific issues, type "women" into the search engine. Reports include: Older women – your future in their hands (Report (March 05) by Age Concern and Fawcett, revealing very high levels of dissatisfaction with all UK political parties among female voters aged 55+); Blueprint for reform (Women and Pensions campaign).
Age Positive: "A team working in the Department for Work and Pensions, responsible for strategy and policies to support people making decisions about working and retirement. The Age Positive campaign promotes the benefits of employing a mixed-age workforce that includes older and younger people... encourages employers to make decisions about recruitment, training and retention that do not discriminate against someone because of their age... uses publications, research, press, events and awards initiatives to get the message across." Site includes case studies, specialist help for older jobseekers, and good practice.
Help the Aged: "is fighting to free disadvantaged older people in the UK and overseas from poverty, isolation and neglect." Site includes campaigns like elder abuse, poverty, winter deaths & age discrimination; Advice & info; Health & care including carers & healthy ageing; and money advice etc.

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Running campaign to tackle homophobic bullying: "Equality & Justice for Lesbians, Gay Men & Bisexuals." Links for Tackling Homophobia in Education can be found here.
Broken Rainbow: Provides services to Lesbian Gay Bisexual & Transgender people experiencing domestic violence.
Black Lesbians UK

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Personal Development
Dupont Consultancy retreats: "This site hosts details and booking forms for retreats, seminars, workshops and training courses organised by Dupont Consultancy. Find out more about Caribbean retreat ... and personal development workshops run in Tobago."
Inspirational Guidance: "Provide services, events and self-development tools that support women in developing, relaxing and revitalising the 'SELF'."

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Celebrate happy women's day with ecards, greetings, cards & egreetings
"We are a company specializing in christening gowns and baptismal wear."
Bridal events aimed at the african caribbean market
"Connemara Healing: Here to provide treatments to compliment your mind, body and spirit. Holistic Therapy treats your body as a whole to create a natural and healthy balance." Based in Connemara, Eire.

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Aviva Women’s Worldwide Web
Womens Resource Centre: "The WRC is a coordinating and support organisation for voluntary and community projects that work for and with women. WRC is a national organisation with a London focus, providing information, training, development support, networking opportunities and policy consultation within the non-profit sector."
"A directory of London based women's groups and other groups working for women in London"
Womens library and resource: "The Women's Library is a cultural centre, housing the most extensive collection of women's history in the UK."
The Feminist Archive (South): "in Bristol, England, houses national and international material of the second wave of feminism (roughly 1960-2000). This material includes: periodicals, books, pamphlets, diaries, calendars, conference papers, personal letters, photographs, stickers, postcards, drawings, posters, banners, badges, vinyl records, mini-disks, audio cassettes, video cassettes, a 16mm film, clothing, and various other ephemera."
Glasgow Women's Library: "is a provider of information by and about women. The Library offers a number of opportunities including helping women with their reading and writing, creative courses, a young lesbian and bisexual women's peer support project, a community garden and a lending library and helpdesk accessed by over 1,800 members."

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Domestic & Political Violence Against Women
Amnesty International Stop Violence Against Women: Amnesty International's Act Now Campaign to stop violence against women. Site resource rich, including links to local country campaigns; highlights of activities from around the globe; international appeals for action; an issues section including what is violence against women? who suffers? why does it persist? sexuality and violence, culture community and violence, & poverty and violence; Stories; Latest news & reports; & resources including reports, all AI documents on women, newsletter, & site map; plus an opportunity to donate. - UK branch of Stop Violence Against Women campaign.
V-Day: Until the Violence Stops: "A vision of a world where girls & women live free, safe, equal and with dignity. V-Day is a global movement to stop violence against women and girls. V-Day promotes creative events to increase awareness, raise money and revitalise the spirit of existing anti-violence organisations. V-Day generates broader attention for the fight to stop worldwide violence against women and girls, including rape, domestic violence, incest, female genital mutilation (FGM) and sex trafficking. V-Day stages large-scale benefits and produces innovative gatherings, films and campaigns to educate and change social attitudes towards violence against women."
The Greater London Domestic Violence Project (GLDVP): "The GLDVP is a second tier organisation, working to provide co-ordination, support, advocacy and capacity building within the London domestic violence sector. Our main activities include: Providing support and consultancy to local, regional and national agencies to assist domestic violence initiatives; Working with a range of agencies to develop domestic violence policy, practice and provision; Developing and promoting minimum standards; Taking a lead role in encouraging new sectors to include domestic violence within their work; Providing a key domestic violence information resource; Increasing awareness and understanding of domestic violence amongst professionals, children and young people and the general public; Lobbying on behalf of both survivors of domestic violence and the voluntary sector to Government and other statutory bodies." Site includes: events, training and conferences; information on potential sources of funding for domestic violence services; London Domestic Violence Strategy; Media News; & resources for survivors/victims, children & young people, perpetrators, and service providers.
All parliamentary party group against Genocide

Campaign Against Domestic Violence
- email:
Child and womens Abuse Studies Unit: "These five points form the basis of all work undertaken in CWASU. (i) To work from, and extend, a feminist perspective, which recognises the complexities of, and interactions between gender, race, ethnicity, class, age, sexuality and disability. (ii) To explore the connections between various forms of assault and abuse experienced by children and women, their short and long term consequences, and how the public, the media, government and agencies respond. (iii) To conduct independent research which creates useful knowledge for policy makers, practitioners, survivors, supporters and activists. (iv) To develop training programmes, provide consultancy, enhance networking, and disseminate our work in spoken and written forms. (v) Through all of these activities to be part of a national and international network that, in the short term advocates for sanctuary for children and women who have been victimised and sanctions for perpetrators, and in the longer term seeks to eradicate violence and abuse. Other sections in the website provide details of the research projects we have completed, our current work, publications, training and consultancy and selected conference papers. The rest of the 'About Us' section continues a discussion of the overall contribution and perspective of CWASU."
Rape and Sexual Abuse Centre
Refuge: "Refuge's network of safe houses provides emergency accommodation for women and children when they are most in need." Site includes links & useful numbers, including 24/7 Helpline.
Womens Aid: "Women's Aid Federation of England (Women's Aid) is the national charity working to end domestic violence against women and children. Women's Aid co-ordinates and supports an England-wide network of over 300 local projects, providing over 500 refuges, helplines, outreach services and advice centres. Our work is built on almost 30 years of campaigning and developing new responses to domestic violence." Site includes: 'If you or a friend need help'; The Survivor's Handbook - a comprehensive online resource for women experiencing domestic violence; Freephone 24 Hour Domestic Violence Helpline; information in a variety of languages; how to help a friend or colleague; Policy, research, campaigns & statistics; books, leaflets & posters; national network of contacts; members area; useful links; international projects; press information; domestic violence information pack; & events calendar.
Broken Rainbow: Provides services to Lesbian Gay Bisexual & Transgender people experiencing domestic violence.
Newham Asian Women's Project (NAWP) was set up in 1987 to provide advice and support for Asian women and children experiencing domestic violence.

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Women and the Law
Discrimination Law Association: "to promote and improve the giving of advice, support and representation to individuals complaining of discrimination, harassment or abuse on grounds such as race, gender, religion, disability, sexual orientation, age, health status, political opinion, marital or family status and trade union affiliation or activity."
Association of Women Solicitors: "Exists to articulate and represent the views of women solicitors, promote women’s interests in the profession, campaign on issues important to women solicitors, actively oppose discrimination against women solicitors"

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Eaves Housing Information for Women: "Eaves has been working to provide vulnerable women across London with high quality supported housing for almost 30 years. Since 2000 we have expanded our work to include domestic violence services, violence against women research and capacity building projects, and accommodation and research for women who have been trafficked, or who are exiting prostitution."
Housing for Women: "A housing association working for women in London"

Women's Centres
Ballybeen Women's Centre (near Belfast): "Ballybeen Women’s Centre is an integrated service provider committed to enabling women, young people and children to realise their potential and fulfil their aspirations through the promotion of health, personal and socio-economic development." Services include: Child care facilities - Crèche, Toddler Group, Pre school, First steps - training video; Peer education - Pre-Pubescent programme, Peer education programme, Right Fit programme, Baby think it over, Groupwork and communication skills; Outreach and support; Education and training; Women’s health programme.
Cambridge Women's Resources Centre: "CWRC is an organisation of women working together for all women to provide information, support and training, in an empowering environment based on mutual respect. The Cambridge Women's Resources Centre (CWRC) opened in 1982 to provide women with quality vocational training, support, guidance and the recreational activities in a women only environment. CWRC provides vocational training in Computing and Woodwork and pre-vocational training in English, Maths and ESOL. The courses are accredited and some lead to nationally recognised qualifications. We also offer a range of courses to increase personal resources. We have an on-site creche available to all women using any of the centres facilities. We also have a comprehensive vocational guidance and counselling service available. In addition, the centre provides a number of drop-in facilities including Internet Access."
Derby Women's Centre: "Derby Women's Centre offers a caring, relaxed and informal environment welcoming all women regardless of age, disability, sexuality, ethnicity. Derby Women's Centre caters for many different needs." Services offered: Advice and support to any woman in Derbyshire; A safe, caring and women only environment; Provide literature on diverse issues for women to collect; A free library service to all women in Derbyshire; A safe space for women's groups to meet; Free legal advice to women; Counselling service to women; Confidential Pregnancy Testing; Free or low priced educational/personal development courses to women in the area.
Publish a newsletter providing information relevant to women and women's issues; Drop in sessions for women; Reduced rate Aromatherapy sessions; Appointment service for women to find out how the Genito-Urinary Clinic at the D.R.I. works to promote Women's Sexual Health; Reduced rate Reflexology sessions; Reduced rate Homeopathy sessions; Creche Services.
Doncaster Women's Centre: "is a community based Resource Centre for women with the main ethos focussing around user empowerment. The Centre continues to work towards its original aims by providing social, educational, recreational, counselling, supportive service for women in a safe and supportive space with a non-stigmatising approach. The Women's Centre seeks to improve wider opportunities, self-confidence and strength for all women from all backgrounds. The Centre is aimed at vulnerable disadvantaged women who are experiencing violence and/or abuse, homelesness, poverty, drug misuse, mental health difficulties, learning disabilities, isolation, loneliness and unemployment."

Harrow Women's Centre
Provides advice, information and counselling for women of all ages. Services provided: Legal advice; Pregnancy testing; Counselling; Domestic violence; Advocacy/ welfare rights advice.
Hillingdon Women's Centre: Offers drop-in, support and information for women who have experienced, or
are currently experiencing domestic violence, legal advice, counselling, courses, careers guidance, Moving Up - free career guidance for women in West London, Better English - a speaking and listening course, free pregnancy testing, young mums & mums-to-be group, social group for lesbian & bi-sexual women, and volunteer opportunities.
Hull Women's Centre: "is run by women, for women and is open to all women in Hull and the surrounding area. We aim to provide information, services and activities that will enable women to take control of their lives." Services include: A free registered creche for children under fives; Free accredited and non accredited courses; Advice and Information on learning/work opportunities; Volunteering opportunities; Counselling;Newsletter and campaigning; Free meeting space for other women's groups.

London Irish Women's Centre
"Advice, support and counselling for Irish women and women of Irish descent. Specialise in housing, welfare rights, debt management, returning to Eire, passport applications and domestic violence. Do advocacy work and are a third party reporting site for hate crime. Outreach work in Holloway prison."
Middlesbrough Refuge: "For women and children suffering violence." Services include: Womens Support Services - Housing Issues, Legal Options, Sorting Out Money Worries, Talking To Other Agencies, Emotional Support, Options and Choices; Refuge Accommodation for women and children living with Domestic Violence; Learning Centre - including computers, Internet, skills for life; Children's Services - including fully Equipped Playroom, Computer Room with Internet Access, Children's Meetings, Book Library, Video Library, Outreach trips to fun places, Someone to talk to, Mother & Toddler Sessions, Parenting Classes, Childcare, Help with behavioural problems; Resettlement Service; Domestic Violence Telephone Help line.
Peterborough Women's Centre: "Peterborough Women's Centre promotes interagency links with statutory and
voluntary agencies. We offer a confidential 'listening ear', a range of women's services and advice, and ongoing support for women who want to gain new skills or make positive changes in their lives. We offer a progression to
mainstream services by working closely with Peterborough College of Adult Education, Mosaic and Cambridgeshire Learning Partnership to provide a range of courses in a supportive, confidence building and friendly environment."
Preston Women's Refuge: "Preston Women's Refuge is the only organisation in Preston which exists solely to support women and children experiencing (or having experienced) domestic violence." Provides a 24hr staffed Domestic Violence Helpline; Access to safe temporary accommodation; an outreach service support service specifically for women and children who are affected by Domestic Violence; support service for women who are affected by Domestic Violence (Butterfly Service); Drop-In Centre; Support Centre; Children's Services; & Specialist Support for Asian Women (Multi-lingual).
Salford Women's Centre: "The key objectives of Salford Women's Centre is to promote the well-being of women who live and/or work in Salford. We offer a wide range of activities including Training, Adult Education courses, One to One counselling, Support Groups, Meeting Space, Free Creche Facilities and a Snack Bar."
Watford Women's Centre: "aims to provide a friendly welcoming women only space to encourage all women to access its services. We aim to provide accurate information and support to enable women to make informed choices and have some control over their lives. We offer courses and workshops with concessionary fees and all activities are supported by a free of charge crèche."
West Hampstead Women’s Centre: "West Hampstead Women's Centre has been providing services for women for over 20 years in Camden. Our aim is to provide services in a supportive, women-only space in order to alleviate isolation and further integrate marginalized women into our community."


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The Sistapreneurs Network is up an running, this is a new forum for Women Professionals of Color with a specific focus on Black Women Entrepreneurs, Work at Home Moms, Authors, Small Business Owners and Corporate Women.

This site is a brainchild of mine. For the last few months I've been working hard trying to develop a true space for my fellow sistapreneurs to socially network and I think the Sistapreneurs Networking Forum is it. So logon, say something, and tell me what you think.

Oh and please remember the Sistapreneurs Network is a work in process sooooooo the more you contribute the faster it will grow. Suggestions and feedback are very much welcome, so do tell me what you think and how WE can make it better.
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Rosa is the first UK-wide women's fund devoted to investing solely in women's charitable initiatives. The fund has been developed after 10 years of research and consultation with eminent women's organisations, government, the corporate sector, the media and trusts and foundations, which identified the need for more funding for women's organisations and a strong champion for women. visit site:



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