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Please find below a list of features and news appearing on this site. This is constantly changing. The list will grow. We hope to build up an archive and resource of interesting and informative material. Good reading! PS: If you have any articles or news that you think we might find interesting to post up, then please contact us. Keep scrolling down for more..

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Latest Features

In The Land of The Free, 100 years confinment Review by Fatima Dupres-Griffiths
The Angola Three, Louisiana State Penitentiary prisoners, Herman Wallace, Albert Woodfox
and Robert King, are the subject of this explosive documentary exploring the issues of accountability and justice by looking at the treatment of the long-term solitary confinement of these Black Panthers.


good fortune Good Fortune in Kenya
Review by Fatima Dupres-Griffiths
Filmmakers Lyndon Van Soest and Jeremy Levine showed how the inefficient flow of information between Kenyan farmers and projects purporting to do good on their behalf, led to environmental devastation, and is at the heart of the film, Good Fortune.

les brownThe book that changed my life
After leaving university I worked in the travel business, then publishing before taking a career gamble to work as freelance in pr for black arts. But things were not geling, I needed direction, and I found it more

Coretta Scott KingEllen Kuzwayo Tribute:
On April 19, 2006, South African activist, author, politician, community leader and mentor, Ellen Merafe Kuzwayo passed away following a lengthy battle with chronic diabetes. In the 91 years of Kuzwayo’s life, she has left an indelible legacy within South Africa’s history...

Mrs Goundo’s Daughter

Who would’ve thought that two intrepid female filmmakers could evoke memories of a hushed, painful conversation I’d had with a dear Nigerian friend a decade ago regarding her health/relationship difficulties following female circumcision?

War Don Don, European Premiere

At the start of this Human Rights Watch documentary shot in Sierra Leone, villagers tells us: “we all danced in Kabeira…A lot of people suffered.” War Don Don charts the trial of Issa Sesay, a senior commander of the Revolutionary United Front, the RUF, by the Special Court for Sierra Leone.

Mary PetersMary Peters - born in Liverpool, moved at 11 to Northern Ireland. Through much hard work, and determination, Peters won a gold medal & world record in the pentathlon at the Munich Olympics in 1972...

Tsunami Update from Southern India

Eye Witness: Tsunami update personal perspective - Sabrina Aaronovitch reports from Southern India. "It is now over a year since the devastating Tsunami hit the shores of Southern India taking thousands of lives and livelihoods with it...


Millenium Development Goals

Political Agenda

United Nations Development Programme: Millennium Development Goals - The eight Millennium Development Goals (MDGs) – which range from halving extreme poverty to halting the spread of HIV/AIDS and providing universal primary education, all by the target date of 2015 – form a blueprint agreed to by all the world's countries and all the world's leading development institutions. They have galvanized unprecedented efforts to meet the needs of the world's poorest.

WOMEN: Still something to shout about - The 'world's most ruthless killer' is coded as Z59.5. It has meant 'widening gaps between rich and poor, between one population group and another, between age groups and between the sexes'. Z59.5 is a code listed in the World Health Organization's A-Z of ailments, the International Classification of Diseases. It stands for 'extreme poverty'...

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Stories & Poems

If I Had My Life To Live Over by Erma Bombeck

To a Phenomenal Woman: Poem by Maya Angelou

A Funny Thing Happened on My Way to Womanhood

For All My Sisters

Dr Mark DeanMaya Angelou

Millicent FawcettMillicent Fawcett

Anne FrankAnne Frank

Irene KhanIrene Khan

Louise MichelLouise Michel

Ellen OchoaEllen Ochoa

Emily PankhurstEmily Pankhurst

Mary SeacoleMary Seacole


Christiane Taubira (born 2 February 1952, Cayenne, French Guiana) is a French politician. President of her party Walwari, she has served as a French deputy at the National Assembly since 1993, and was re-elected in 1997.

Elisabeth Welch - From her stage debut in 1922 to her final appearance in 1996, singer Elisabeth Welch (1904-2003) was an important figure in the world of popular music.

Biography of Louisa May Alcott - Most famous for writing Little Women

Dr. Maya Angelou - Celebrated as one of history’s most prolific writers for her literary style and descriptive genius, ironically, Maya Angelou did not always have a voice.

Claire Bertschinger - How does it feel to be in the center of disaster and not have enough resources to save everyone? Well ask Claire Bertschinger...

Hilary Blume - With over thirty-five years in the voluntary sector, Blume is an expert in her field, instituting new ways of generating funds for charities.

Short Profile of Angela Yvonne Davis - African-American political activist, philosopher, and educator.

Amelia Earhart - Amelia Earhart is known for her various aviation achievements, including being the first woman to fly across the Atlantic...

Millicent Fawcett - Millicent Fawcett is known for her dedication to women’s rights and equality.

Biography of Anne Frank - She kept daily entries in her diary of the 25 months she spent in hiding from the Nazis in Amsterdam ...

Lynne Franks - Lynne Franks dropped out of school at 16, became a journalist for Petticoat at 18, and at 21 started her own PR firm...

Biography of Indira Gandhi - First female Prime Minister of India

Melinda Gates - Discovering that only 50% of African- & Hispanic-Americans graduate from college, Melinda Gates decided to do something to reverse the trend.

Ann Heron Gloag - Ann Heron Gloag is one of Scotland’s most powerful women and one of the world’s top-50 female entrepreneurs.

Emma Goldman belonged to a group of artists, writers, & intellectuals, mostly libertarians, some revolutionaries... united by rejection of bourgeois culture & fervour for causes like socialism, labour movement, sexual freedom, anarchism, & feminism...

Biography of Bell Hooks - Self-described as a “Black woman intellectual, revolutionary activist”.

Biography of Dr Mae C Jemison - Has been dubbed as a 21st-Century Renaissance woman. Chemical engineer, scientist, physician, teacher and astronaut ...

Helena Ann Kennedy - Helena Ann Kennedy, has provided judicial review for several high-profile cases dealing with sex discrimination, domestic violence and terrorism.

Irene Khan - Irene Khan lived through two civil wars and experienced human rights abuses first hand.

Wangari Maathai - Wangari Maathai is a true role model who has affected enormous change through her grassroots initiative. ..

Biography of Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo - Became the 14th president of the Philippines on 20 January 2001 ...

Biography of Winnie Mandela - Is a freedom fighter, a politician, a mother. She is also one of South Africa’s most outspoken and controversial figures.

Una Marson 1905-1965 - Story of first Black woman programme maker at the BBC

Louise Michel - French anarchist school teacher, and leader of The Paris Commune...

Christina Noble - Dubliner, Christina Noble is like a cat with nine lives. Her dedication to children and charitable work is a direct result of the tough life she endured.

Biography of Ellen Ochoa - Has been where very few of us have gone – space. She is a veteran of 3 NASA space flight missions; and has logged over 719 hours in space ...

Emmeline Pankhurst - Emmeline (Emily) Pankhurst’s name is practically synonymous with the women’s suffragist movement. She dedicated her life to women’s struggle...

Anita Roddick - Is a philanthropist, activist, and entrepreneur. She founded The Body Shop, a cosmetics company dedicated to producing and retailing ethical beauty products.

Mary Seacole - The Legacy - Mary Seacole is held in much pride as she brought more than her skills in nursing to those who admired her.

Marie Stopes was the leading advocate of birth control in the C20th & opened the UK’s first family planning clinic in 1921...

Oprah Winfrey - Oprah Winfrey is using her fame, influence and reach to positively affect the lives of under-privileged children and young-adults in the US and abroad.

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Education, Science & Careers

Schools out - Mia Morris discusses what to do in the school break.

Paving the Way in Education - Maureen Roberts on Wellplaced Consultancy & founder Mia Morris

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Hattie McDanielHattie McDaniel

The Arts ++

Contrasts, Textures and Hues - Exploring early printed images of people of African and Asian Heritage - new book Oct 2004

Short Profile of Hattie McDaniel - Hattie McDaniel, 1895 –1952, became the first black person ever to win an Oscar for her role in Gone With the Wind.

Short Profile of Phillis Wheatley, "Mother of Black Literature".

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Hattie McDanielJean Adebambo


by Jean Adebambo

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Olive Morris Olive Morris’ plaque and photograph has finally been reinstated in Olive Morris House, together with a simple window display facing the street. The window display includes a link to a web page where people can read more about Olive Morris’ life and access our blog for further information.

Tribute: Coretta Scott King
- 1927 - 30 Jan 2006, widow of civil rights activist Martin Luther King Jr, has died after a full and distinguished campaigning life of her own...

Tribute to Rosa "Lee" Louise Parks, civil rights campaigner, born February 4 1913; died October 24 2005

Tribute to Pearl Connor-Mogotsi

Tribute to Helen Denniston d.10-06-2005

See Also Obituaries in IWM News Archive

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Coretta Scott KingCoretta Scott King

Lord David PittRosa Parks

Linton Kwesi JohnsonOkra

Pot Pourri

Okra: Why eat the Vegetable formally known as Hibiscus Esculentus?

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  • Cameroon girls battle 'breast ironing' (BBC 23/6/2006)
  • 'Battered Kenyan women more prone to HIV' (IoL 23/6/2006)
  • Forced Sterilization of Roma Women Continues (Feminist Daily News Wire 23/6/2006)
  • Men, women, see glass ceiling differently (Globe & Mail 23/6/2006)
  • UK: Women 'should have labour choice' (BBC 22/6/2006)
  • Jamaica urged to act against rape (BBC 22/6/2006)
  • Rape in war 'a growing problem' (BBC 22/6/2006)
  • Inside a rape trial (The Guardian 22/6/2006)
  • Japanese urged to rethink attitudes to women and older workers (Management Issues 22/6/2006)
  • UK: Cardinal urges abortion rethink (BBC 21/6/2006)
  • UK: Barristers and judges accused of undermining rape reform (The Guardian 21/6/2006)
  • Counselling 'restores fertility' (BBC 20/6/2006)
  • Women still rare in Europe's boardrooms (Management Issues 20/6/2006)
  • UK: Women prisons 'fail new inmates' (BBC 19/6/2006)
  • Egg freezing boosts baby chances (BBC 19/6/2006)
  • How miscarriage can hit very hard (BBC 19/6/2006)
  • UK: Breast cancer delays 'too long' (BBC 19/6/2006)
  • US: Female chief makes Church history (BBC 18/6/2006)
  • Can you have a career and be a woman? (The Observer 18/6/2006)
  • Working mothers denied right to flexible hours (The Independent 18/6/2006)
  • A lawyer's help to underpaid women is putting the wind up trade unions (The Observer 18/6/2006)
  • PanAfrica: End Female Genital Mutilation - African Union (AllAfrica 16/6/2006)
  • Kuwaiti Women Run for Seats in Parliament for First Time (Women's eNews 16/6/2006)
  • The beauty backlash (BBC 16/6/2006)
  • 'I do still believe that men are to blame ...' Marilyn French (The Guardian 16/6/2006)
  • Diabetes 'serious pregnancy risk' (BBC 15/6/2006)
  • UK: Equal pay row cash rises to £15m (BBC 15/6/2006)
  • Results of Scottish Review of Rape Law Announced (Women's eNews 16/6/2006)
  • UK: 2012 training for women builders (BBC 14/6/2006)
  • UK: Schools 'too feminine for boys' (BBC Education 13/6/2006)
  • Iran bloggers back women's protest (BBC 13/6/2006)
  • USA discover race link to breast cancer but UK still lacking data on ethnicity of sufferers (Black Britain 13/6/2006)
  • Women’s economic security declines in former Soviet and European states (UN News Centre 13/6/2006)
  • The militant mothers who are taking on Tony Blair over Iraq (The independent 13/6/2006)

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