International Women's Month Citations

What people say about IWM...
What they said about the workshops...

What people say about IWM...

"Mia is an active supporter of the BBC and has a track record of covering TV & radio output with a special interest/relevance to the Black community in a positive and celebratory fashion".
Sue Caro, BBC, Senior Diversity Manager 

"Your website is a goldmine of info about what's on and where."
Dr Nola Ishmael MBE

" looks very nice!" Radiyah Shakur

"The website is looking good!" Sue Caro, BBC

"I really like your website, it looks fantastic" Sarah Griffiths, National Archive

"Had a look at the site, it's amazing! So much information! You can really see the work that has gone into it. You've much to be proud of" Kuumba

What they said about the workshops...

Alice Peters, London Regional Co-ordinator, Supplementary Schools Support Service
"Thank you, thank you, thank you Mia, & the miracle that is Well Placed Consultancy. You are now an integral part of any event that we plan and I know that without you many of our recent events would not and could not have been the amazing successes that they were. Again, and from my heart, Thank you.

Home Office Network
"Just to let you know that I have received some very positive feed from attendees. They said that they found the event very inspirational and felt uplifted. They stated that they enjoyed it and wanted more of the same. They found Trevor Gordon and Dalia Alexander very frank and were considering joining Croydon College to learn more about our history"

"Thank you very much for the lovely afternoon. I thoroughly enjoyed myself, I felt very much part of it. I went home so much happier than normal day. I felt part of myself telling me I should get to do something for myself like going back to studying. Also talked about the whole afternoon to my grown up children"

"Thank you for organising this event. I found the talk most informative and uplifting, the guest speakers were for me out of this world in respect they have lived such interesting lives and if it was not for this event I would not have had the chance to meet them"

Aretha Rutherford, Creative Goals Coordinator
"Your contribution to the course was much appreciated and the participants found the experience highly insightful. Thanks again and best wishes."

Mr. Sandy Adamson, Director of Education Hammersmith & Fulham
"Mia Morris is one of the most energetic and passionate speaker on a topic which is boundless - the search for truth of the past."

Comments from Dr Lauren Roche UK Tour

Halton Lea Library
"What an inspiration I thought I had problems and bad life experiences but now know they are significant , thanks a million."
"Brilliant! And inspiring a real life account of how we can change our lives around and regain control and direction over own lives."

River Alt Resource Centre Knowsley, Merseyside
"You gave a brilliant inspiration to me to go and do something better with my own life. Thank you so much it was very interesting , you're brilliant."
"Amazing and though provoking, thank you."
"It was great to hear your story, you truly are an inspiration to us all, the things you have had to overcome in your life are tremendous. You have left me feeling, I can do anything I want to, and I am always trying to pass this feeling on to my 23 year old daughter, I hope she reads your book and feels the same as me."
"Thank you for providing so much inspiration to so many people, so many of us don’t believe we can achieve our dreams and need a little push. Keep going and keep smiling!"

Halton Women’s Aid
"Thank you so much, you have touched my heart and inspired a hell of a lot of us here today."
"Thank you for making me realise my potential in life and for giving women power to go forward."

Lewisham College
"The lecture was very inspiring and goes to show that things can get better."




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