People there will be a bone marrow registration drive being held @ Victory 2 Victory Church on Sunday 11 th March 2007 @ Oakington Manor School, Oakington Manor Drive, Wembley.

The drive is centered around little boy aged 4 called Tomi, In March 2006, he was diagnosed as suffering from T-Cell Leukaemia a cancer of the white blood cells.

We need as many people as possible to come forward and join the bone marrow register to give Tomi and many other sufferers a better opportunity to save their lives.

Try and look at the situation as if it were your own child or family that needed a bone Marrow transplant, you would be doing everything possible in your power to make a difference - RIGHT?

So we can all do our bit, by making as many people aware of this and by turning up on Sunday to register as a potential bone marrow.

Anyone of us could possibly give the gift of life to one of these people suffering from Leukaemia: Let's give it a try!

For more details please contact: ACLT - 020 8667 1122 Anthony Nolan Trust - 02072841234

Victory 2 Victory Church - 020 7625 4444

Direct contact: Godfrey - 07932 017 282


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