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Child Profiles

What is adoption
It’s a way of giving a child a new and permanent family because they cannot be brought up by their own parents.
It’s a fact that the majority of children who need adopting into new homes in Haringey are either Black African, Black Caribbean or mixed heritage. If your ethnic background matches this your applications to adopt with Haringey will be prioritised so that we can quickly meet the needs of the babies and children who are waiting for homes. From our experience, a family with similar background is best able to help a child grow up with a positive sense of who they are. We would also be very interested in applications from anyone who may like to adopt older children or groups of brothers and sisters. Most people, when thinking about adoption, think ‘babies’ and the upshot of this is that older children wait longest to find new families.

You don’t have to be married you can be single or part of a couple gay or straight.
A common misconception is that only married couples can adopt. This is not the case. Single people can adopt, as can unmarried couples. At the moment only one person from an unmarried or gay couple can be named as the legal adopter but the law is changing next year.

You do not have to own your home.
It doesn’t matter whether you own or rent your home. The only thing that you do have to have is enough room for your adopted child.

You do not need any special qualifications.
The person that you are and the love that you have to give to a child is far more important that how well you did at school or college.

You do not need to be over 21.
There is no definite upper age limit although as a general rule of thumb people tend to be around forty years older than the child they adopt.

You do not have to live in Haringey.
You do not have to live in Haringey to adopt a child from Haringey.

Once you phone us we will send you an information pack containing a short application form. Fill that in, send it back and we’ll call you.

Child Profiles


Aaliyah, b.15th January 2002. Aaliyah is a very petite little girl, who loves music and dancing. She is a bundle of energy and if it's ‘fun’ Aaliyah will join in! See full profile.


D’Jhelissa, b. July 1995. D’Jhelissa is a bright young girl of dual heritage (White UK and Black Caribbean heritage). She has a warm and engaging personality, is a very talkative and confident child who enjoys the company of other children. See full profile.

Faith & Candys

Faith, b.16/12/01 & Candys, b.02/01/00. Candys and Faith are sisters who need to live together. They will be very rewarding to care for. Candys is a very bright, affectionate and playful little girl, who has an excellent memory. She enjoys reading and is very good at art, putting lots of interesting details into her pictures. Faith is a very active and inquisitive little girl who is a great talker. Like Candys she is shy at first but quickly warms to people and is more outgoing. See full profile.


Issac, b.16/09/94. Issac is a likeable child, who has a lot of energy. He enjoys a number of outdoor pursuits such as swimming and playing football in the park. Isaac is a tactile child, who enjoys being cuddled. See full profile.


Jordan, b. October 2001. Jordan is a delightfully happy, sociable little boy, with a great sense of humour. Jordan is a fun child who especially likes playing peek-a-boo! He is very bright and has recently learnt to point to his head, ears and eyes. Along with this, he is learning new words everyday. He's an active child who enjoys playing with other children his age and older. See full profile.


Nahome, b. 9th January 2005. Nahome is a very endearing and sociable baby. He is an alert and happy boy, who loves to coo and communicate, making lots of eye contact. He is very active and is now crawling. He can sit up unsupported and is pulling himself up to stand. See full profile.


Oriana, b.7th January 2004. Oriana is a very confident, active, alert and chatty baby who loves family gatherings. She has a bubbly personality and makes others smile. Oriana loves anything that is bright and responds with delight to textures and noises. See full profile.


Rhiannon, b. 11th January, 2005. Rhiannon is a happy, sociable and curious ten-month old girl who is in need of an adoptive family. She has lived with her foster carer since five weeks of age and has thrived in this placement with an established routine. She sleeps through the night and can now sit up alone and walks holding on to furniture. See full profile.


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