How to Add an Event to this site. See table below for charges. (from January 1st 2006)

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Organisation Type

One-off Event

Event & "opportunities" over Date Range (eg July 1st to Aug 1st)


Charities, Voluntary and Community Organisations, Fringe Theatre



For each 14 day display period

All other organisations (eg Local Authorities, Corporate Businesses etc)



For each 14 day display period

Event Features

£20.00 one-off payment for duration of event.

£30.00 one-off payment for duration of event.

Photos/Images as below.


An Event Feature is additional information for an event listing. An event listing will be limited to 500 words. To add more details, purchase an event feature which will be an unlimited supplement to and event. You can only purchase an Event Feature with an event listing.

Jobs, Public Appointments, Awareness Campaigns (eg Fostering and Adoption fortnight, Adult Learners week)


Photos & Images

£5.00 per photo/image one-off admin charge.

Notes on charges:

  • Contact us if you are unsure which category of organisation you fall into.
  • Contact us for discount on "bulk" postings.
  • Events over Date Range: The charges are for each 14 day period including pre-event display; i.e if the event is over 28 days and you want to display it 14 days before its start, then you will be charged for 3 multiples of 14.
  • For "opportunities etc" - please supply an "end display date".
  • Event "description" will be limited to 500 words. To add more details, purchase an event feature which will be an unlimited supplement to an event.
  • Please specify start date for "event display".

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Payment & Contact

Please first contact Mia Morris at with your event posting request. We will invoice you via email, provide you with the address to send payment and inform you who to make cheques payable to.

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Layout of Event Details

Please follow the instructions below.
Event details should be provided as plain text, say in an email, or in an MS Word document.

Please ensure a good notice period as it is unlikely that we can accommodate last minute events. We can post up events several months in advance; however, we would request at least two weeks notice.

An event should include the following (where relevant):
For guidance see the events page:

  • Date including Day, Date, Year, and Time (e.g. Saturday 1st October 2005, 8.00 pm)
  • If you are are providing an event or events on more than one day, please provide separate copy for each date. We need to cut & paste them into their appropriate date order, and it would help us if your contact details etc accompanied each event, rather than being placed at the bottom of a long list.
  • If the event is ongoing over a period - please provide date range. (e.g. 29th July – 27th August 2006)
  • Event title (e.g. Bi-centenary service for Mary Seacole)
  • Event details - including description (500 words max), cost etc - please be succinct and precise.
  • Other details - such as directions, catering etc
  • Venue details
  • Contact details including people, telephone, email, website
  • We tend to bold date, title, and artists. Please do not put text in CAPITAL LETTERS unless absolutely vital.
  • Please check your own copy for spelling, grammar, meaning, punctuation, correct website addresses or email addresses etc. What you send us is what goes up unless we have time to check. Information that is poorly presented will reflect on you and us.
  • Please avoid "superlatives" (the best ever!) and exclamation marks (!!!). You will be surprised how often, each week, we are told this is the "best ever event". If well written, and direct, the description of the event should allow the site visitor to decide how "wow!!!" it is for themselves.
  • IMAGES: If you want an accompanying image or images, please send them in jpeg format at high resolution (300ppi if possible). We will optimise and reduce all images. We prefer to use only one image per event but will stretch to two if requested and agreed. An image can be a picture or an image of a flyer or leaflet etc. Please name all images clearly and remark upon them by name in any correspondence. If you can point us to a website where we can download an already optimised image, please do so.
  • DOCUMENTS: We can add additional documents (MS Word, Pdfs etc) at our discretion, for download. Please ensure these are not too large, have been subbed well, and are clearly associated with your event and organisation. Please also ensure that they are clearly remarked upon in your correspondence.
  • LINKS: Please provide a courtesy link from your website to

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  • We reserve the right to not include an event at our discretion.
  • We reserve the right to edit copy sent to us for posting up.
  • We reserve the right to request a financial contribution for the advertising of events.
  • We reserve the right to make changes to our charges at any time.


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